The Royal Mayfair is FAR from Fair for Taxpayers

March 11, 2019

What would you say if you found out that Edmonton’s wealthiest 0.0005% pays $6.14 a month to the city for exclusive access to 154 acres of the river valley?

“There is no way that’s true?” Well guess what? It is, and it’s called the Royal Mayfair Golf Club!

These sweetheart deals that take place behind close doors have no place in the Edmonton we want to see. These negotiations need to be made transparent so the public can decide if they are getting the best value out of their land.

If they insist on having their private club for their elite group they should be paying the city and the tax payer a fair price for it not half of the cost of a Netflix account that the average Edmontonian has to pay for entertainment.

The city announced Friday March 1st that they will be holding a meeting on this issue for MONDAY March  4th giving the people very little time to express their concerns. If you are interested in speaking to this please go HERE to register.

Just to give you an idea this group of 475 (or 1/2000 of a percent of Edmonton’s population) rents from the city exclusive access to 154 acres of the river valley for what amounts to $6.14/month per member. Even at the pruposed increase in the new proposal it would only jump to $8.48. Does this seem like a fair deal for use of this prime public land to you? As our taxes continue to increase does it seem funny that this “elite” group gets a relatively free private playground while the city is trying to figure out where they can increase their revenue?

Seems odd doesn’t it?

UPDATE Mayfair Golf Club Lease Extension is back before Council!

Council’s Executive committee will discuss additional information about extending the Mayfair Golf Club’s lease of river valley parkland at its April 25 meeting. City administration was asked to look into comparable river valley golf clubs on City-owned lands (Highlands), and pursue further dialogue with the Royal Mayfair Golf Club on options for additional public access, including junior golf, tee times, cross-country skiing and washroom facilities to the Royal Mayfair Golf Club lands.

The report can be accessed by clicking on agenda item 6.2 at here.

If you would like to speak to this item, which will be the second item of business, contact the Office of the City Clerk at or 780.496.8178 to register to speak. The other option is to show up before the meeting begins at 9.30 am in the River Valley room at City Hall and inform the Clerk that you wish to speak.

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