Council Meetings

General Meetings:
3rd Monday of every month (EXCEPT JULY) at 7 pm. When Monday is a holiday, the meeting will be held on the following Tuesday at 7 pm.
All General Meetings will take place at the IronWorkers 720 Hall (10512 122 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 1M6)

Annual General Meeting:
3rd Monday of March at 6 pm.

Executive Board Meeting:
2nd Thursday of every month at the EDLC Office at 5 pm.

Labour School

Knowledge and education empowers workers, equips them with the skills and confidence to mobilize others, and strengthens their ability to respond to critical issues like job security, wages, working conditions and the preservation of our social programs. Change happens regardless of what we do about it. In a world where change is an inevitable constant, ongoing or life-long learning is the key to coping with this changing world and workplace.

The contacts you make at a labour school will be the basis of networks you build and draw on for years to come. Labour schools provide a forum for workers to meet other union activists, share experiences, learn from one another, strategize; and to realize the collective strength of labour. It is additionally an opportunity to realize the diversity within our movement and our community.

At every school, students discover to their surprise that the struggles and issues of other workers are very much like their own. This year’s School has something for everyone: I encourage you to enroll to build your capacity to deal with the challenges of our changing world.