33rd Annual Labour Day BBQ

September 02, 2024 at
11:30 AM - 3:30 PM MST
Giovanni Caboto Park 9425 109A Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5H 1G1

If you would like to volunteer please fill out the form on the side and we will reach out with more details. Our volunteer coordinators are eligible for free tickets to the Edmonton Elks Labour Day rematch!

For 33 years the Edmonton & District Labour Council has been holding a community BBQ in the heart of our city to celebrate the contributions of the working class in building the city & communities we hold so dear. This year is no different, come join us as we celebrate the past year and build the relationships that will sustain us for the year ahead.

Most of us believe in fairness. But despite our hard work, workers and our families are struggling to get ahead. We’re being ripped off by our bosses and ripped off at the grocery store, and the cost of a home is through the roof. We deserve better. Working people power Canada’s economy – we can’t let a wealthy few at the top enjoy all the benefits while the rest of us struggle.

But whenever there’s a bill to make life more affordable, Poilievre’s Conservatives oppose it. Instead of making rich corporations pay their fair share in taxes, the Conservatives want to cut health care, pensions, EI, and other programs we all depend on. It’s time for workers to come together to demand a better deal.

By working together with unions, workers can push decision-makers to support workers and hold wealthy corporations to account. We can build a better, fairer future where working families thrive. Let’s make it happen, now!